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Our Data Engineering solution encompasses a comprehensive set of strategies and technologies to efficiently manage data throughout its lifecycle. From data ingestion and transformation to storage and retrieval, we optimize data workflows. This ensures data quality, availability, and accessibility, empowering organizations to leverage their data assets for informed decision-making, analytics, and business growth with precision and confidence.

  • img Data discovery & Data maturity assessment
  • img Data quality checks and standardization services
  • img Cloud based solutions for large volumes of data
  • img Real-time and batch data processing
  • img Optimization of Big data and data lake platforms
  • img Web API & data streaming development
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How DataNStats Works?

Here’s how we’ve helped our customers win at the last mile.


Data Ingest

Seamless data ingestion from multiple sources for efficient processing, analysis, and insights generation.


Data Processing

Cleansing and Transforming data for informed decision-making, insights, and optimized business processes with efficiency.


Data Store

Securely store and manage data, ensuring accessibility, scalability, and reliability for efficient data-driven operations.


Our Core Features

Our core data engineering feature is its ability to seamlessly integrate, transform, and process data from diverse sources, ensuring data quality and enabling insightful analytics.


Cloud engineering advisory and strategy services

Our cloud engineering advisory and strategy services provide expert guidance to help organizations navigate the complexities of cloud adoption, optimizing infrastructure and operations for efficiency and scalability.


Data platforms implementation services

Our data platform implementation services encompass the full spectrum of deploying robust and scalable data infrastructures, tailored to your organization's unique needs, to facilitate advanced analytics and data-driven decision-making.


Evolution with Enterprise Data Management

Embracing Enterprise Data Management allows businesses to evolve by efficiently organizing, securing, and harnessing data, driving innovation, and informed decision-making in today's data-driven landscape.

Data Engineering services we perform

We provide a wide range of Data Engineering services, including data integration, ETL/ELT processes, data modeling, data pipeline development, and data quality assurance.


Data Lake Implementation

Adoption of Data Lakes in your company may support you in expanding the business data architecture. DataNStats has used Data Lake solutions to solve a variety of client business challenges such as Product Traceability, Customer Data Platforms, IoT data reporting, and others.



Data preparation, processing, and ETL/ELT are essential processes that facilitate the transformation and loading of data into the necessary data model for visualization and analytics. Our Data Engineering team has created these pipelines for various business units, including Defense, Supply Chain, and more.


Data Model Development

Our data model development solution is a tailored approach to crafting precise and efficient data structures. We work closely with your team to align models with your unique needs, enhancing data management, analytics, and facilitating informed, data-driven decision-making for your organization's success.


Cloud Data Architecture

Our Cloud Data Architecture solution leverages cloud computing technologies to create a robust and scalable data infrastructure. It optimizes data storage, processing, and analytics in the cloud environment, enabling organizations to efficiently manage and extract insights from your organization's data.


Advance Data Pipeline

Our Advanced Data Pipeline solution offers a streamlined approach to data integration. It enables real-time data processing, transformation, and loading, ensuring data quality and reliability. This empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of your data assets, and business growth.


Leveraging Big Data

In the realm of Data Engineering, our Big Data solution is a strategic approach to processing and harnessing vast datasets. It involves designing scalable architectures, implementing data pipelines, and utilizing cutting-edge technologies to transform raw data into actionable insights.

Our Tech Stack

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