DataNStats Launches New Solution for Global Defense Tender

ProcurBuzz is one platform, one complete view of global Defense procurement opportunity.


We are overjoyed to present ProcurBuzz, our flagship product that is a game-changing catalyst for global aerospace and defense procurement. It is a web-based service from DataNStats that gives users the ability to search for and view recent and historical procurment posted by global defense agencies. It is the largest database of global Defense bids, business news, and contract wins from multilateral funding organizations, federal, county, and other governmental entities, as well as the military, among other industries.

The trusted source for Defense Tender Data

Our exceptional product ProcurBuzz, aims to assist businesses in reducing the time and expense spent looking for profitable business possibilities. When a business encounters difficulties obtaining information, ProcurBuzz quickly offers answers.


Some of its high-end features include:

  • Detailed media attention of the aerospace and defense industries, including Tenders, RFIs, and Awards, is offered by ProcurBuzz in its category of "Procurement News". All domestic and international tendering opportunities and trade leads are updated by ProcurBuzz itself through the tender news section. This keeps you up-to-date with the changing trends of the market.
  • We offer a comprehensive and trustworthy database of government procurement sourced from over 80 global sources that is updated on a daily basis under the “Coverage” category. Because of an everyday update we constantly monitor the data. Additionally, we have a repository of old projects and bids that have expired over time.
  • We additionally offer extracts or Web Services/APIs that are specifically designed for the delivery of procurement data under the “Customized Services” category. We offer these options to customers that want to incorporate the procurement data within their ERP systems. With our services, we have to build a client base that trusts us.
  • To make sure that members only receive information that is pertinent to their business under the classification category, we classify all tenders based on chosen regions and products/services using US National Stock Number.
  • ProcurBuzz subscription rates include capabilities like limitless searching, data downloads, or tender alerts that are all included in the low-cost features. Hence once you have the subscription, you can have a fully transparent interaction with the data.
  • To offer world-class newswire services the most recent significant advancements and alterations in the defense and aerospace sectors are always kept up to date by ProcurBuzz. So be sure that all the updates will be available to you without any hassle.

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