Media Monitoring

Marka offers comprehensive media monitoring and analysis across online news, social media, print, broadcast, and podcasts, capturing more content and conversations than anyone else in the industry.

Our media monitoring tool tracks keywords connected to the topics that matter for your organization and aggregates all public online and editorial content that mentions your keywords.


Sentiment Analysis

DataNStats uses AI algorithms to analyze text data and determine the sentiment associated with mentions of your brand, products, or keywords.


Trend Analysis

Marka AI can identify emerging trends and topics within your industry or areas of interest. This helps businesses stay informed and make data-driven decisions.


Competitor Analysis

AI algorithms can compare your brand's media presence and sentiment with that of your competitors, providing insights into your competitive landscape.


Contact Recommendations

AI can suggest media contacts and outlets that are most relevant to your brand or industry, streamlining PR and media outreach efforts.


Alerts and Reports

DataNStats AI allows users to set up customized notification and generate reports with the most relevant data for their specific needs.


Content Discovery

AI-driven content discovery tools help users find relevant articles, news, and social media content related to their interests and keywords.


Who it's for?

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Our product range covers various channels, strategies, and teams, providing us with the flexibility to serve as the solution for a wide array of needs.

  • Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Listening
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Analytics and Alerts


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