About DataNStats

We deliver data, tools, analytics, and technology-based solutions to the major sectors. Our data and analytics solution improved our potential to give intelligence that aids in the growth of thousands of industries throughout the world. We help companies harness the transformative power of AI to help customers quickly turn data into value.

Our data and insights provide our customers with the tools they need to increase revenue, manage risk, reduce costs, and transform their businesses.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to be a data-driven firm that provides organizations, governments, and individuals with the information and insight they need to make informed decisions. Our goal is to not only provide all the applications, but also to assist firms in understanding the challenges of each new country and assisting them in the competitive bidding through consulting services.

Our Vision is to provide the data and insights that accelerate the pace of innovation.


Why we created DataNStats

DataNStats was established with the aim of leveraging the power of data, artificial intelligence, analytics, and new technologies to assist our clients in adapting to the digital world and becoming successful. We employ approaches that enable enterprises to harness AI's transformative capacity to assist customers in quickly turning data into value.


Our Story

DataNStats is a prominent data and AI firm that helps clients succeed in the digital age. DBS, a Data and Stats product, in 2020, had about 1.6 million records. On a regular basis, our software, DBS, an intelligent data crawler, tracks and collects loads of high global federal government procurement websites.


What we do

We specialize in the Aerospace and Defense industries, with tenders from more than 50 countries.Your inventory is mapped using a variety of AI models. For all tenders, we cover the websites/portals of several government departments and organizations. We deliver multilingual tender information using an AI-driven in-house web scraper/crawler that crawls data from federal agency websites in English on a regular basis.

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