Media Monitoring

Marka offers comprehensive media monitoring and analysis across online news, social media, print, broadcast, and podcasts, capturing more content and conversations than anyone else in the industry.

Our media monitoring tool tracks keywords connected to the topics that matter for your organization and aggregates all public online and editorial content that mentions your keywords.


Marka Features


Global Media Monitoring

Our global news and social media monitoring capability ensure that you can be notified of news articles matching your product or organization - the minute they break.


Analyze Your Competition

Keep an eye on your competitors so you can stay one step ahead of them. Learn their strengths and weaknesses and apply what you've learned to help your company thrive.


Manage Your Brand

Be the first to discover online conversations about your company or product so you can protect your reputation. Catch and respond to crises before they get out of hand.


Listen to Your Customer

Uncover actionable insights about your customer that empower businesses to make better-informed decisions at every stage of the product lifecycle.


Mention Analysis

Learn more about who is talking about your brand on the internet. Analyze the quality and amount of the buzz to learn more about your clients.


Sentiment Analysis

Mention sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) can get a better understanding of customer persona & spot problematic areas which need immediate attention.


Makra software will help you to track:

  • Volume of mentions: News coverage of your product and brand over a specific time period across online news, blogs & social media sites
  • Sentiment analysis: Get customer persona (Positive, Negative or Neutral on your product and brand.
  • Trends analysis: Most common topics associated with your brand and product.
  • Influence Score: Measure of how your brand is perceived in online discussions.
  • Language Translation: Different languages mentiones are translated into english before publishing
  • Competitor Analysis: Track what is said about your competitors online and stay ahead of them
  • Top Influencers and Journalists: Who mentions your brand, products or key stakeholders.
  • Top publications: The publications who are talking the most about your brand and product.
  • Top Location: Where your brand and product originate the most.

What we monitor?


Social Media

Monitor and track the social media conversations around relevant topics for your brand and products

Online News

Track every web mentioned and never miss important conversations about your brand or products

Press Release

Track press releases publihed globally on different websites associated with your keywords or belongs to your competitor.


Track & monitor all important podcast relevant to your keywords, brand or products and published globally on different platform.

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